Did you know that the pachinko and slot machine industry in Japan makes 30 times more cash than Las Vegas each year, even after gambling is illegal in Japan? This is because pachinko is a massively popular game in Japan. The slot machines in Japan are known with the name Pachislots. Both pachinko and Pachislots have created an empire of their own with thousands of players spending time over the machines every day. You can find pachinko machines on several parlous on the streets of Fujioka. It is a business which pays the shop owners a lot more than their regular sales. You can enter almost any shop in a dedicated area in Fujioka and win some goodies by playing pachinko or pachislots.

Playing Pachinko

Pachinko first emerged in the 1920s as a game for kids, inspired by the wall games from Europe. The name is derived from the sound made by balls as they bounce in the walls of the machine. It was reinvented by Masamura Takeichi for adults with a complex arrangement of nails, which made it more challenging. It became popular as an arcade game for people who wanted to spend time in beating the highest scores. It soon became a medium of gambling for adults, and they became addicted to spending hours and days playing the game. After the ban of gambling by criminal code chapter 23, these slot machines were remade for the purpose of awarding the player with more balls if one of their balls goes in the right hole. Later, the player can give back the remaining balls in exchange for an item of equal value from the store.

How to play?

The game is pretty self operatory. You need to pay for the metal balls either on the counter or directly in the machine. Now with the balls you have, all you have to do is pull the lever of the machine down, so the balls get launched to the walls one by one. If you get lucky and one of your balls find the right hole, you will get more balls which you can then exchange for goodies from the store.

While you are playing there, you can order unlimited food and beverages, and the managers won’t refuse no matter how long you want to stay and play the game as long as you are not disturbing other players.


Tips for playing pachinko

You must be 18 years of age to play pachinko since everyone knows it is a form of gambling even if it is not offering you any cash for winning.

Do not bring your kids or valuable into the parlour as the game can hook you up to not realise the time and what your kid is doing.

Never take the pinballs outside the parlour. If you are done playing, you can go to the counter and exchange it for things like toys, dinner, or a nice bottle of wine.

Do not try to hack or break the machines in any way. If you get caught, you can get permanently banned from entering that and nearby parlours.

Do not disturb other players, keep your calm and do not hit the machine for your bad luck. Avoid drinking before or during the game. You can celebrate your winning later.

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